Important Details Regarding AA Tokens


AA tokens are also known as sobriety tokens.  It is a small round token that is given to the members of alcoholic anonymous, 12 step program and other groups of sobriety.  Their most significance is to mark some of the great achievement in recovery and sobriety.   there are also most efficient in the scoring the time a given person has remained sober.

This is some of the importance of the AA tokens in sobriety.  The primary importance of the tokens on recovery is to keep the recovering addicted motivated in the recovery and finally into sobriety.  During the AA meeting the AA tokens will help you mark the efforts that you have made in order to recover and  gain sobriety

every token has its relevance to the life of the victim of addiction and ach an ever effort  the victim makes in order to regain sobriety the or she is given a token.   By providing an example the white token is assigned to that person who remains sober 24hours a day, the importance of this token is to show the first day into recovery and motivate  the person who receives the token  to continue being sober.  The white token will be used to symbolize sobriety for those who had been much affected by alcohol and drugs. Visit website here!

Different color show different things in sobriety.  Here are the color representation of the token and what they symbolize  The tokens are customarily anodized plastic or aluminum.  This Tokens color show a specific duration of time in the sobriety.   There are some of the AA token having the same colors but represent different millstone, but the difference between them is the milestone that is indicated on the token  For the gold color if resembles the 2nd, 4th and 8th months of sobriety .the second, fourth and eighth month in sobriety is represented by a gold token.  The red color represents the first, third and the eleventh month.  The green color represents the third and the tenth month.  Purple represents the seventh and ninth month of sobriety, while bronze represents the one year of sobriety. To know more about AA coins, visit this website at

The AA tokens are best supplemented when you enter the  AA groups  The most exciting part about the AA groups is that most of the people in there where on big addiction and now they are experiencing a free life.  Participating in this kind of organizations while receiving tokens for your milestone in sobriety will help you recover from addiction and get that support that you badly need.

In order to manage your struggle in out of addiction it is important to use the AA tokens, learn here!


Everything you Need to Know About AA Tokens


AA tokens are also considered as sobriety coins. This kinds of coins were in the year 1942.

This coins are used for recovery. These tokens keep recovery addicts motivate. These tokens are also given in AA meetings. These tokens mark the struggles and success in their sober life and even the number of time the person has been successful from abstaining from alcohol or drugs. These tokens are really important.

You will find AA token in different colors. There are white, gold, emerald, red, blue, purple and green AA tokens. Each color represents something. The colors of AA tokens represents the milestones of the recovery of the person.            These coins are usually made from plastic or aluminum.

Below are the different meaning of the colors of AA tokens:

  1. Red AA token is for those that have made it through the first month in the recovery process.

  1. The gold AA coins are for those people that have made it through the second month.

  1. The Emerald and green AA coins are for those people that have made it through the third month.

  1. The dark blue or blue AA coins are for those people that have made it through the sixth month.

  1. Purple AA token are for those that have made it through their ninth month in their recovery process.

  1. The bronze AA token. For those people that have reached one year they will receive a bronze AA token. The bronze AA token are for those people that will make it every year. Since this token signifies so much it is also called the “heavy metal coin”. Most of the time this kind of token is presented with a cake and then the recipient will say a few words.

There are also some people that receive triplate AA token and this are for people that will celebrate an important sobriety anniversary. These kinds of tokens are fancy and expensive. Look for more facts about AA coins at

These tokens have different features. You will find the amount of time of sobriety in the middle part of the token, you will find the words “to thine own self be true”, you will find the AA circle and the triangle motif you will find three pillars of service which represents unity, service and recovery and you will find the serenity prayer on the back.

This is not just an ordinary token since it will represent the days you are sober. You need to be thankful for every single day that you are sober.  You can actually find these kinds of tokens in The Token Shop here.

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Advantages OF AA Tokens


 One can become really surprised by how many people are addicted to alcohol. Addiction affects the family and anyone who surrounds the person which is very dangerous.  People use various methods in assisting the addicts without being too involved in their business. One of those methods is Alcohol Anonymous that provides a platform for addicts to come and share their stories with people with the same condition. Through sharing they are liberated and encouraged to stop depending on alcohol as well as bonding with other members who support each other.  AA gives people coins that represent the days and months that they have been able to stay sober from the addiction.These coin tokens are available in different materials and colors which represent different meanings. There is even a coin for staying sober for a day. Below are some of the benefits that AA tokens have o the recipients.

 The tokens at really boost someone as it shows how far they have come from and that they should just ensure they stay sooner in order to get to their target. Being sober can be very difficult but when one has the tokens they are able to remember the challenges they have endured in order to be where they are and it shows one that they are really strong. The token motivates them a lot making them even want to beat their targets.They get to see the importance of taking care of themselves by not harming their bodies with the toxins that come with alcohol and drugs.  When one earns the token it becomes a really good booster to their strength of staying sober and wanting to better their lives. When a person earns their first coin they usually have an anticipation on the next time they can be able to earn another one.

 The tokens that they receive usually help them to keep sober and even want to stay sober.It is a form of boosting their confidence in themselves and knowing that it is their effort and strengths that will get them through the dark days.When they view the token they see the commitment that they have made to make their lives better and not to destroy it with being addicts.  Read more facts about AA coins at

The coins help them a lot In the journey of recovering and bettering themselves and their lives. When one stays sober without taking any alcohol or drugs the more coins they are able to get. When one earns a lot of coins they are able to show people for how long they have been sober therefore they can celebrate. Giving out the token is a nice way of boosting them in even wanting to be sober and it shows that someone is showing them the support that they need, learn here!

Reasons for Using AA Sobriety Tokens


Many people blame alcoholism for most of the social crimes in the society and studies shows that many people are struggling with alcohol addiction. It is evident that most of the social problems are as a result of alcoholism. Some people think that by taking alcohol, they can solve the problems that face them but they are wrong, and in fact, it only adds them more trouble. We cannot leave a large population of our young people to succumb to alcoholism because we need them in the future and thus, coming up will ways of fighting this problem is a big reprieve. The introduction of AA sobriety token comes as a relief to solve most of these problems today. This is a unique way of quitting alcoholism and works by encouraging an individual to abstain from alcohol in step by step procedure. The token is given as gifts to those addicts who are determined to quit alcohol addiction and have stayed away from drinking. The tokens are made of different materials, and they also come in different colors which an individual gets as he scales the stages. An individual is rewarded with AA sobriety token after staying away from alcohol for a specified period such as one day, one week or a year. Here are benefits that you can derive from AA sobriety tokens in the long run.

As much as some alcohol addicts might want to quit the bad habit, they forget about their objective and find their way back to alcoholism. However, with AA sobriety token, they will have an always present and constant reminder that they are on the path of quitting the behavior. There is no chance of forgetting and slipping back to drinking, and therefore, an individual can stay focused on the mission. Visit token website here!

Getting a new AA sobriety token after completing a particular stage or period is a motivation and a good indicator that an individual is doing enough to avoid alcoholism. When a person progresses from one token to another, he sees that there is an improvement and he would be motivated to maintain the spirit until he quits alcoholism entirely. Each level of token shows that the individual has progressed significantly and almost reaching the end and thus, there is no giving up until it is over. Get more facts about AA coins at

Other means of quitting alcoholism are available, but they are not as effective as AA sobriety tokens. An individual voluntarily accepts to use AA tokens and gets encouraged as he progresses, but other methods tend to be involuntary and compulsive. It is a friendly method as it shows your progress and motivates you to go on. Lots of people have gained from this process of quitting alcohol, and you can see it on internet review sites, click here to get started!